Fulfill Your Spiritual Goals with Jehovah’s Witness Ministry Products for 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses regularly engage in door-to-door ministry work to fulfill the divine command of God. To help them lighten the load during field ministry services, this infographic presents a wide range of excellent Jehovah’s Witness ministry products specially designed for them and their families.

Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry products are available for all age groups. This infographic showcases the top field ministry supplies specially designed by keeping in mind the ministry work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some of the ministry products Jehovah’s Witnesses must carry with them in the course of their evangelism include a spiritual notebook, small messenger bag, 8-pocket tract holder, and leather Bible book cover. Other ministry products, which can be gifted to loved ones, include a flash card game and boxed gift set containing an LED flashlight keychain and fountain pens. These products will help Jehovah’s Witnesses in achieving their spiritual goals while they are engaged in their house-to-house preaching works.

Top 10 Ministry Products

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