Different Types of Jehovah’s Witness Field Service Bags

Jehovah's Witnesses do field ministry as commissioned by Jesus. They fulfill Jesus’ divine command to preach about God's Kingdom from home to home. Jehovah’s Witnesses require ministry supplies for carrying out their preaching work. One of the most important items which simplifies field ministry work for Jehovah’s Witnesses is a service bag. There are a wide variety of service bags specially designed to carry your New World Translation (NWT) Bible and other field service supplies. Choose from a variety of service bag styles listed below to help you meet your spiritual goals:

• All-in-one Service Bag: This type of service bag contains various compartments, card & pen holders, interior zipped pockets, and additional compartments on the back of the bag.

• Two-sided Service Bag: As the name suggests, the two-sided bag has separate compartments on each side to easily hold a Bible and Magazines. There are separate pockets for phone, tract, and card holder.

• Small or Large Messenger Bag: Small messenger bags have one back compartment for magazines/brochures and two large compartments inside. Large messenger bags usually have two outside front pockets, one back pocket, and two main compartments inside.

Leather handbags are also suitable for preaching work for those looking for something more fashionable. These service bags help in quick access to materials when engaged in door-to-door preaching. One can easily purchase different types of service bags at online stores depending on their ministry needs.

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