5 Must Have Items for Jehovah’s Witness Field Ministry Work

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in God’s promise of everlasting life for all who obey him. They engage regularly in door-to-door ministry. Jehovah's Witnesses fulfill the divine command of Jesus through their house-to-house preaching work. If you too engage in field ministry and want to lighten the load, here are five items you should have:

• Service Bag: For Jehovah’s Witnesses who actively engage in the field service activity, a service bag is a must-have accessory. A field service bag helps you carry all necessary things with you such as the New World Translation (NWT) Bible, Watchtower magazines, trailer tracts, notebooks, a iPad/tablet, and pen.

• Tract Holder: Keep your ministry materials clean, organized, and protected with tract holders.

• Preaching Folio: Preaching folios are a smart way to carry magazines, brochures, books, and tracts. They have a leather or leatherette cover with plastic/vinyl pages inside. The clear plastic/vinyl windows inside the folio help in easy viewing of the different magazine or book titles kept in each pocket.

• Record Book: Record books help you to take down your important notes or write the name/address of the families who have asked for a return visit.

• Bible Book Cover: Leather or vinyl book covers help you protect your NWT Bible during your field ministry work.

Each of these products is specifically designed, keeping in mind the different ministry needs of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can purchase these Jehovah’s Witness field ministry supplies from online stores.

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