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  • The Most Sought After Meeting Cases for Jehovah’s Witnesses

    If you’re one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or have any of your friends or family are, you can get a wide range of wonderful gift items made specifically for their needs. You’ll get beautiful meeting cases in leather, leatherette and vinyl along with other high-quality items to hold and carry your meeting supplies.

    Black Meeting Bag

    These meeting cases are designed for people of every age – the adults can choose from an extensive collection of black or brown colored all-purpose cases while the kids can go for delightful black cases. You can use these uniquely designed meeting cases to hold your iPad, iPad Mini, galaxy or other tablets.

    MJC store is devoted to the needs and requirements of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The bookmarks, calendars, notebooks and meeting cases are with a purpose to serve every requirement in meetings, assemblies and conventions. You’ll find each and every thing you’ll need to fulfill your  spiritual goals this  store. You can also use these meeting cases and supplies to make a great gift for any age and any occasion.

  • The Finest Range of Tract Holders for Jehovah’s Witnesses

    If you are a Jehovah’s Witness , this all-in-one tract holder is specifically designed for you. It has the right combination for easy handling, finding and displaying your tracts in a neat and organized manner. These tract holders are the most cost-effective and convenient way to protect your tracts from getting torn, bent or ripped when kept along with your other belongings.

    Tract Holder

    This tract holder is built with high-quality materials to help you keep your  tracts safe from rain or other harsh elements. All of your literature can be kept in one easy location and in a much cleaner and orderly fashion. The construction material used to build these tract holders is easy to wipe and clean, easy to maintain, and gives long-lasting life to the pages of your book.

    These wonderful tract holders are affordable and they will definitely make excellent gift material for your friends and loved ones. You can pair these tract holders with scripture based greeting cards for any special occasion, and can order one for yourself as well. Have your days get off to a good start with this option to keep your tracts and carry them with you wherever you go without worrying about damaging them.

  • Check Out the Latest Service Supplies for Jehovah's Witnesses

    There are more than 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses around the globe. Modern day Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for their door-to-door evangelizing work and always have to carry different products and supplies to carry their faith with them. To help them make this easier, there is an extensive range of service supplies made available by different organizations.

    Medical Directive Holder

    Select a black leather handbag with 3 compartments and easy access to your items inside the bag. Optionally, choose a Burgundy Leather Bag with 3 compartments and 3 smaller pockets inside the bag. These bags and the available range of supplies are easy to carry and the ideal choice for your meetings.



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