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  • Unique Products for Jehovah’s Witnesses

    The US online retail market is expected to grow 57% by 2018. With more and more customers buying products online, online retail will continue to be one of the fastest growing market segments in the US. E-commerce industry has achieved stupendous growth in many other parts of the world and is expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years.

    Gone are the days when you had to drive to the market every time you needed something. Today, all types of products and services can be easily purchased online. There are numerous online retailers that sell an extensive range of products to the customers. In a few simple steps, you can order the desired products and have them delivered at your home. Moreover, the smartphones have made it possible for people to buy their favorite products anytime anywhere!

    Among major online retailers, there are many other online stores that cater to distinct set of customers. Some of the online stores offer unique products which are designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. These products are created for personal lives and ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unique gifts, faith posters, calendars, handbags, meeting bags and many other products offered by these stores can be easily purchased online.

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Ministry Products - Infographic

    In the past few years, the online retail industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The emergence of numerous ecommerce websites has made it convenient for people to purchase all types of products and services with just a few clicks of the mouse. Apart from the major online retail websites that cater to the requirements of the masses, many other online stores have come up that cater to the specific needs and requirements of a particular set of people. Jehovah’s witnesses, for example, have the option to buy the products that have been specifically designed for them online. These products are available at sites which specialize in selling products for Jehovah’s witnesses.

    Be it pocket appointment calendar, the meeting bag, notebooks or iPad holder, a wide range of these products can be purchased online. The below infographic provides more information on the types of products available for Jehovah’s witnesses online.


  • Meeting the Unique Requirements of Online Customers

    The growth of ecommerce industry has made it easier for people to buy their favorite products in the comfort of their homes. Right from handbags to greeting cards, almost all types of products can be easily bought online. The growth of online retail has outpaced brick and mortar retail stores in nearly all the developed nations of the world. Also, with a large number of people shopping on their smartphones, it has become easier for people to buy products on-the-go.

    When it comes to buying products online, the needs and requirements of the customers differ. One size-fits-all approach usually doesn’t work in online retail. For this reason, it is important to cater to the specific requirements of the customers and provide them the goods they actually need. In recent years, many new online retail websites have emerged that cater to the varied demands of the customers and offer them the right products online.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, can visit the online platforms, which have been specifically designed for them. These online sites sell uniquely designed products to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Be it meeting bags, bible covers, calendars, bookmarks, greeting cards or other Jehovah’s Witness products and supplies, they can easily find the desired products online.


  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Regional Conventions 2015

    Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Regional conventions will begin on May 22nd this year in the US. The convention will continue worldwide through January 2016. The convention can be attended by anyone. The significant events in the life of Jesus will be portrayed in the convention. It will feature interviews and demonstrations that will teach the attendees about practical ways to imitate Jesus today. Jehovah’s Witnesses’ conventions have registered a large attendance in previous years.

    There are millions of members of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the US and across the world. As many of their beliefs are different from mainstream Christianity, they need unique products and supplies that correspond to their lifestyle. However, with limited number of sellers, obtaining these products may prove to be a hassle.

    In recent years, a number of online stores have emerged that specialize in products and supplies which have been specifically designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Right from binders and book covers to meeting bags, these stores create and sell an extensive range of products online. With numerous reliable stores for Jehovah’s Witnesses operating in the US, buying all types of products and services has become easier for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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